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This is an incredibly interesting map (Food Systems Map).  Even though it is a couple of years old it gives great perspective on several different food systems in Portland.  First it gives a view of the full service grocery stores in the city limits; these are stores that sell fresh whole foods as well as other groceries.  Second it gives a map of fast food chains then food stamp usages in the city.  It then goes on to show several maps looking at farms in the city; anything from school and educational farms to backyard farms started by Growing Gardens.

The maps help to give some idea of what the food system looks like in Portland.  It would be interesting to see an updated version of these maps and to see how some of the organizations that we have worked with have changed these maps.  One of the most interesting maps to me was the community garden waiting list one.  I find the amount of community gardens on the waiting list extremely fascinating and am very curious as to what the actual number looks like now.

I do think that the cartographer could have added a little bit more on the areas involving the food bank system.  There was a lack of information regarding population numbers and average income in the areas where they were located.  Other than that I found that this list of maps is an extremely helpful and informative tool.