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In this blog article “Food Babe Investigates: How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries”, Vani Hari writes about the investigation she did concerning processed foods made in the United States. She found reports and statistics that show Americans having a higher risk of getting major health issues and dying prematurely due to the ingredients that are put into our food. Although the government and food companies are aware of the negative effects of their products, they aren’t doing anything to fix it. Instead, they try to make products look healthier through advertisement and packaging. Other countries have done their part in making an effort to improve people’s health by banning any ingredient that threatens our health and actually adding in natural ingredients. To show us which ingredients are unsafe and why, Hari found some information about our processed foods by finding proof in the United Kingdom. She uses popular food  items and big brand names as examples of processed food in our society. Those products are compared to each other by the nation it was produced in (United States and United Kingdom) by highlighting the ingredients that are harmful to us. Hari then explains what those ingredients are and how they affect our health. I thought this article was interesting because Vani Hari compares food made in America to the food in the United Kingdom and explains what it means to have all those horrible ingredients inside everything we consume.