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This article written by Derek Henry focused on how many people are so distracted by wanting to change their unhealthy  habits, to healthy habits.  They made many mistakes by thinking they knew what it takes to get healthy.


Henry points out five obvious actions that’s making people damage their health without most of them even realizing.

The first action is improper food combining. Certain foods for example fruits and veggies are  are best eaten on their own.  When you combine too many foods together it causes complications with your digestion system.


The second is the lack of grounding.  Our world is full of technology. Ground yourself to using less of it.


The third is too much stress.  Replace stress with positive thoughts and doings to not complicate your health.  


The fourth is over consumption of natural food based sugars. Try to avoid white processed  sugar and artificial sweeteners, it’s a step ahead of low quality sugar intake.


The fifth is lack of sun exposure.  Don’t stay inside all the time. Try get at least twenty minutes of sunshine each day.


I agree with the five main points because I really do see people daily doing these obvious actions.  People need to somehow realize it.  I think people may know at least two of the main actions.


Be alert about what you eat, and how you spend your days. What are you doing wrong? What can you do better? Think of ways to improve  your health,  so you don’t face these five  sabotaging actions anymore.