This video shows how much we waste food as individuals. I think the video gives a good representation of how much we take advantage of having a great supply of food.

How many times have you ordered a meal at a restaurant and haven’t came close to finishing it? Then, instead of taking the food home with you to eat at another time you decide to just have them take it away. The restaurant doesn’t save your leftovers for someone else to eat. They throw it away.

How many times have you walked to the cafeteria and got a plate full of food because it looked good, and then you try it and it doesn’t taste good so you throw it away? Or you decide you wanted something else instead so you throw it out and go get something else to eat that you probably won’t finished either.

How many times do you catch yourself having three or four bottles of water opened at a time because you forgot that you had another opened? Then you just throw away all the others because they are no longer “cold”.

We live in a society that takes for granted the food we are so lucky to have. There are people all over the world, who would do anything to eat what we are throwing in our trash. There are people who might be living down the street who would eat what we would rather throw out.

This videos explains that 1 and 7 people in this world are undernourished. 5.6 million children die every year from hunger related deaths. Also nearly 40% of the food around the world is never eaten.

Is it so difficult to start with just a little on your plate and go back up to the food line accordingly. Don’t waste food, and remember how lucky we are to have a great supply of food in the first place.