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Has Colorado hit the jack “pot?”

According to Trevor Hughes from USA Today, “Retailers across Colorado are baking, injecting, spraying and infusing marijuana into just about every conceivable food.” This new fad know as an “edible,” has swooped Colorado consumers off their feet and into a retail store.

The prices are varied based on the quality of the THC-infused product and it’s ability to get the consumer high.

Dixie Elixirs’ , a Denver Edible maker, sales has risen from 10% to 50% after Jan. 1 when the Edible market became legalized (Hughes).

The main concern for this legalization are the parents’ concerns of their children being attracted to the edibles. Will this legalization prove to be “pushing it?” And will edibles continue to be legalized throughout the country because of it’s popularity and high demand?

Or maybe this will soon prove to become an upgrade from smoking marijuana. Edibles have many pros compared to its pure form: It’s concealed, odorless or lacking the marijuana odor, the duration of high is longer, and it doesn’t affect one’s lungs. Its only con is that it would be available to all age groups. Edibles are the perfect example to achieve what seems like most important in this country: money.

Not only has marijuana become a controversial drug in the past decade, but also as a very resourceful and useful product. Marijuana is used for recreation, consumption, medicine, material goods, and many more. This plant has proven it’s worth in America, heck, I even have my own hemp jacket! From bags, to coats, to hair products, to candy, the amount of use for this plant is endless.

With all of its uses, why has marijuana become such a controversy? Why is it just now legalized? What does this say about our country and our values? One could look at the legalization as a reason for more money, or one could look at the legalization as the country shifting it’s values to a more free country. Why has the government just now realized that they shouldn’t tell citizens what they can do with their bodies?

In every controversial topic, questions are developed in favor or in disapproval of either one’s country, it’s values, it’s government, and it’s people. There is never one correct answer, and that is the beauty of controversy: it shall never satisfy all.

There is no doubt that marijuana will only gain popularity in the next decade or so, as it’s uses will only benefit those around us.