This is a really cool article, I think that it is a great and very interesting idea. I think that this is a perfect example of helpful innovation that we need to see more of.  There are so many ways that companies and people can be creative like this. Not all of them are nearly as drastic as putting chickens on your roof, but simple things can still have a similar effect.  The way that he innovated for the future was very forward thinking and I think it was a very smart idea. He put solar panels on his roof and put electric car chargers in his parking lot.  I think that if I was to have a restaurant or store, I would love to do the same thing.  I think that we need to be a part of the “hipster” trend of doing things that are good for the environment and for ourselves. Regardless of if he did it for the money or for the earth and the well being of his animals, I think that it is good that he did it.  Basically, I just thought that this story was great and I really like what he is doing.