This shows the movement currently in our government to move towards healthy foods.


This article talks about how schools are starting an initiative to eventually phase out unhealthy advertising from schools, specifically scoreboard advertising. This is part of Michelle Obamas movement to eliminate child obesity.


This is a great movement we are making in America.  Advertising has a huge role in todays society. From Newspapers, to websites, to billboards, etc. advertisements are everywhere.  Most people say that they don’t pay attention to them or go buy Arby’s right when they see the sign.  Although people going out and buying the product right away is a part of advertising, the subliminal messages that advertisements send are a large part as well.


Taking out the advertising of unhealthy foods in the public school system is a positive change, because even though kids might not just go out and buy Coca Cola, it could encourage them subliminally to buy Coca Cola.