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Every time I take a bite of Cheetos, Oreo’s, Goldfish, French fries or anything that looks unhealthy and delicious, I don’t take into consideration of how the processed food got it’s flavor. After watching this video I realized that my mind is actually being tricked into thinking that I’m tasting something that isn’t really there. Thousands of dollars are invested into creating taste and smell that feel real but are completely artificial.

I didn’t know how much food companies rely on science to find out how we are attracted to food and how our mind reacts when we’re eating certain foods. I think it’s horrible that all these companies are manipulating salt, sugar, fat and chemicals in such a way that it is impossible for us to only eat one.

How far will these companions go to push their products down our throats? I feel like they will do anything in order to make a profit because that’s all these big companies care about. They don’t care about what goes into their products. They act like they do by saying that they have “whole grain” or saying that cheese products have actual cheese in them. It’s all just a way to market their products so that we can buy it and not think about it being healthy or not.