In the article “Why Food Matters to Faith” Aaron Coalson writes about how food, and the way we eat food really should reflect our faith. Aaron writes how in 2005 the New York Times stated that for the first time in two centuries, children will most likely not live as long as their parents. He goes on to talk about how the United States of America is the number one country for Obesity, and over weight people. This is a very big crisis in the United States.

He then talks about how Christians know this first hand. Aaron writes, “Whether the issue is abortion, climate control, the orphan crisis or food consumption, we should live in order to be redemptive agents here in this broken but beautiful creation. This is what it means to be God’s ambassadors to a humanity damaged by sin.” I think what Aaron is talking about as God’s ambassadors or representatives we need to make it our effort to find the issue and see what we can do to help prevent it.

He talks about we as humans are pleasure-seekers. Whether it’s sex, relationships, careers or food. We are always looking for something else that will satisfy our wants, that we think are needs. Aaron says it is not our fault though. We were designed to seek pleasure. Actually, we were made to “pursue pleasure in something outside ourselves. Yet once sin was added into the mix, this God-given trait turned from seeking delight in the Creator to delight in created things.” (Coalson).

Aaron says that  food was given to us by God for two reasons. The first is to fuel us and enjoyment. He does say that food was not meant to be our source of comfort or happiness, that is where God comes in. Aaron gives us a few ways on how we can make sure God is our first priority and things like food, come after. He says to bless God not your food, pay attention to your physical and spiritual appetite, eat natural, eat color, shop around the edges, and buy locally.

I agree with a lot of what Aaron is trying to say in this article. I think that we, as Christians, should come to realize that everything given to us is from God and we should receive it in a respectful way. I do no think we need to be so careful that we don’t fast food or anything like that, I just think that we should be grateful for what God has given to us and receive it in a respectful way.