In the article More that 500,000 in Syria without food aid it is written that because of insecurities in Syria, the food aid was being cut off for a half million people. Aid was provided to feed around 71,500 people who had not received assistance in months, but still was unable to feed 500,000 people. “The agency aims to reach some 4.25 million people inside Syria each month but in February it said it managed to get food rations to just 3.7 million, as well as to 1.5 million refugees in neighboring countries” (AFP). Most people in Syria are receiving roughly 1,530 calories a day, and the doctors recommend at least 2,100 calories a day. “The agency has appealed for $2.0 billion to feed some seven million Syrians displaced in their country or who have fled to neighboring countries” (AFP).

$2.0 billion seems like a lot of money doesn’t it? What if I told you that this year for the Superbowl, a 30 second commercial cost companies 4 million dollars. Now how many of those commercials are longer than 30 seconds? How many commercials are there in a Superbowl game? Quite a few I must say. I am sure that if we were to count up all the cost to every commercial we would be getting up there in cost. Wouldn’t it be smart if for just one year gave up Superbowl commercials and used that money to do something, I don’t know, feed starving people in Syria. We, the people of the West have become so okay with the fact that our lives are pretty decent, we don’t like to think about what is going on around the world. How many times have we been watching the news and we see something tragic happening in a foreign country? When we see, we might get upset and feel very sorry about what is happening, but then after the 20-30 seconds of talking about it the news takes a big turn and starts talking about today’s weather. We instantly forget what we just saw and think about whether or not we need to wear a jacket to the grocery store today where we are going to buy endless amounts of food we will probably end up throwing away anyway. Maybe it’s time for us to stop just watching the news but figuring out ways to prevent the news from talking about the struggles in foreign countries, and talk about how the struggles are being addressed and helped.