In this video, it talks about how a Mother of two teenage boy, struggle with obtaining food. The anchor at CBS News states that because of extreme weather, food prices have been going up for about several years, but the Government is showing little to none inflation when it comes to food.

According to the Government prices have went up 6.4% since 2011 (source is stated in the video), and The mother of the two teenage boys, says different. She says that Chicken has at least went up 18.4%, Ground Beef went up 16.4%, and Bacon has went up to 22.8%!! How crazy is that?

Coming from a personal background on this, I know that when my Mom and I go shopping for groceries, we HAVE to have a sales paper, sales mean everything. And something that my family does different from the family in the video is that we shop for a month’s worth of food. So, finding items that can be stretched or buying items that can make at least two or three big meals. Examples of this being potato and chicken soup, burger and fries, or just buying fish and rice.

One thing that also makes it hard to obtain food at reasonable prices is most stores don’t do their big sales until the end of the month, when most people don’t have money. And even then the foods that are on sale, aren’t even healthy. For example, the grocery store that my Mom and I frequent has sales on chips, cookies, and soda all the time! and Maybe a few good sales on organic foods. My mom doesn’t like to buy organic foods that much because they go bad way faster than if we got carrots that do not state they are organic. And that’s a huge problem.

One thing that I know could help those who are struggling with buying foods for their family, whether it be for the month or week, is too invest in coupons! If you look hard enough, there will always be coupons. They are located in the junk mail you get, on the grocery stores website, and I believe if you call the grocery store and ask if they have a coupon book or send your family extra sales paper to get multiple coupons on something, it is possible. And if you don’t have access to a computer, going to the library was always my option!