Within modern American society, many major issues have risen to the forefront of controversial discussions both politically and socially. Two of these major issues include the legalization of marijuana and the rise in how Americans view their relationship with the food they eat. Whereas these two issues seem distant in relation, there is a common ground between them that is beginning to form as a result of the rise in food artistry. One of the newest fads in the food culture scene is the creation of culinary work that are focused around the ingredient of cannabis.

Marijuana dispensaries throughout the world have quickly began to market a wide variety of edibles, but very few have been as unique as the marijuana infused beef jerky that is featured in the video above. With such a rise in products that serve as both recreational edibles and medical remedies alike, it’s almost certain that arguments will be thrown from both sides of the issue in regards to the morality and social effects such a food culture will grown to have on American society.