In a recent article called Chipotle price increases revealed it talks about how Chipotle is raising their prices. In New York City, steak has been raised by 8.3 percent and the guacamole has been raised 11.3 percent. Why are they raising their prices? As most people know, Chipotle is one of the few food organizations that are open about where they get their food from. Chipotle gets most of their food from organic farms, so they are okay with allowing people to know where there food comes from. Is this why they are raising prices?

Why is it that the healthy food is the most expensive food? Is this why there is such a big problem in the United States with obesity?

It’s interesting to me that America is always struggling with obesity and knows that there is a problem with the food we eat, but then when there are good restaurants serving good food like Chipotle, it becomes harder and harder to gain access to these foods and restaurants. Obviously there are a lot of things that go into Chipotle raising their prices that we the consumers don’t necessarily see. For example there are a lot of food prices going up that are causing Chipotle to have to raise their prices to be able to make a profit. 

Should the government put policies in place that make it easier for healthy foods to be more accessible? Should the government put more regulations on the kinds of food or the portions that restaurants can sell?

There isn’t a decrease in the amount of cows available to America to be used for food. So why is the price of steak being raised? Supply is high, but maybe demand is getting higher. 

One thing I did notice about the price differences on Chipotle’s menu is the kinds of foods that are seeing a price increase. For example, the steak and barbacoa dishes are being raised anywhere from 8.3 to 10.1%. On the other hand, chicken and vegetarian dishes are only being raised 4 – 7%. This is a big difference in price. Chipotle’s steak and barbacoa dishes are probably a lot less healthy than their chicken and vegetarian dishes. Maybe this is Chipotle’s way of encouraging their consumers to buy healthier options like chicken and vegetables. What do you think?