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According to this News Press article, 1 in 6 Americans (49 million) are food insecure. Having talked about this issue for the past semester, I felt it was appropriate to write a blog about it.

Once summer will start and school is out, families are struggling more than any other season out of the year to feed their children. Schools have breakfast and lunch programs that provide students the ability to have a little something to eat during their long days at school. Although these meals aren’t full with nutrition or taste, it is a lot better than having nothing at all. When summer comes along, families have to feed their children two more meals a day, assuming they only have one child, along with the rest of their family.

The largest single-day food drive, “Stamp Out Hunger,” will take place this Saturday. It got its name because letter carriers collect nonperishable food that is left inside the mailboxes of their routes. This non-profit Food Drive is in partnership with USPS, Campbell Soup, Feeding America, and other partners. This non-profit focuses on the students of America because of their future impacts on America, and their ability to focus in school is dramatically influenced by the amounts of food they are eating each day. This program strategically used letter carriers, collecting and delivering mail six out of the seven days of the week, as an easier way to pick up food donations that are convenient for the donators.

Although this food-drive is only taking place in Lee County, FL, this article, which is on the front page of the Google search “food news,” helps to spread awareness about food drives. Every city and county should be influenced and driven to create programs that will assist those in need, starting in our own neighborhoods.

Just last year, “74 million pounds of food was collected by postal carriers nationally, feeding an estimated 30 million people” (News Press). It is very important for food drives to be common throughout the states because often times, people let their pride get in the way of their needs and refuse to seek help.

Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays should not be the only times where food donations are most relevant like this article says. Although these are the times where food is a celebration and it is great that there are so many donations during these times, these are sometimes the only times one donates to food drives. Food hunger and insecurity is one of the greatest problems in America, and it should be the main problem. Without food, people cannot exist, meaning our nation cannot progress. Our country should focus on those who are without food before focusing on other countries without food. There are many important topics and issues in America today, such as schooling, safety, and equal rights, but food should be the primary issue to be resolved before even beginning to resolve all of those other issues.

 Food drives that make headlines like this food drive is a perfect start to a reoccurring issue around the world, and there should be more stress on trying to correct this issue.