It’s heart breaking to know that others around us are starving.  As a nation, we need to put more attention to stopping hunger.  It’s becoming a serious health risk to many people.  Being sick is not the problem at the moment for many people in the East Coast, the problem is being very hungry.


Food insecurity affects nearly one in six U.S. households.  Now, some hospitals are addressing the problem.  Pro Medica hospital system and a few hospitals in the East Coast are seeing many patients come or get rushed to the emergency room because of hunger.  They have lost a lot of weight, and are very weak.  Many have non-stopping headaches.  


In Ohio, the food insecurity rate is higher than the national average, with more than 2 million residents who are food insecure.  Twelve hospitals in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan teamed up and made 50,000 meals for hungry individuals.  Most hospitals began screening for food insecurity, and signing up at-risk patient for food stamps or sending those homes with emergency food boxes through partnering with local food banks.  


Pro Medica hospital system is working hard and tackling hunger as a health issue.  They have done many food drives and fundraising events to help families and children have healthy foods to eat at home.  “We do believe that good food is good medicine and that quality food choices equate to yet another aspect of overall quality care that we are committed to provide.  “Our community has come to know that we will provide them freshly cooked, wholesome, healthy meals that are properly portioned, coupled with education, music and socialization.”” says Deborah Weymouth, executive director at New Milford Hospital.