According to this article, each year, billions of pounds of food are going to waste in America. In 2010, 133 billion pounds of food was lost, and calculated that is about 141 trillion calories. After talking about food insecurity in America this semester and watching the documentary “A Place at the Table,” reading this article is very frustrating to me.

            While millions of families are going hungry in America, those of us who have food stability should be much more thoughtful about this before wasting our food. 141 trillion calories is an extremely large amount, which could be fed to those who do not intake any calories throughout their entire day. The issue of food insecurity in America is only increasing by the year, and spending our money on food we are going to waste is irrational.

            Not only are we wasting our own food while millions of people are going hungry in the U.S, but we are wasting our own money. “If food loss is prevented or reduced to the extent that less food is needed to feed people, this would likely reduce food prices in the United States and the rest of the world.”

            Before throwing away an entire meal or asking for more food than you need, be considerate of those who do not get any throughout their day. Or if your problem is you spend money on an amount of food that you know you do not need, instead, give that extra money to a charity or someone who can help those going hungry.