Food insecurity had been on my mind ever since we saw the video in class. 16 million children are hungry and this video just goes on to say that no matter where we live, there is a child that is at risk or is hungry.

But what can we do to help? I feel like in order for us to help, we need to help everyone become educated about the subject. Most organizations are focused on helping kids in Africa because they don’t have the stuff we have or the food that we have. We need to show that it’s also a huge problem here in the United States. Even little things we do can help people who don’t have anything to eat. For example, when we helped out at the Northeast Emergency Food Program, I feel like we help out a lot of families that didn’t have much to eat. Helping out at programs like that can make a huge difference. So if you can, try to help out because it could save a life.