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An article was published a couple years ago, “Food Pyramids and Plates: What Should You Really Eat?”,  …”this pyramid didn’t point the way to healthy eating”. I have come to the consensus of, what exactly is healthy eating?

The MyPyramid, being described as a healthy food guide, lacks many key details of how much should I eat, are there healthier alternatives, any nutritional advice, more types of food should be eaten more often than others, and lack of insight on foods and facts.

Interesting enough, the American education system still follows this guide to healthy eating, even though a new design came out replacing the pyramid. MyPlate was introduced in 2011, designed to show the perfect plate for..what exactly? Dinner? Lunch? Breakfast? On the MyPlate design it does not say anything about meals, just consume the amount over the course of. In class a couple days ago, my professor was saying that no country on earth has the resources to consume this amount of food daily, affordable anyways, basically a utopian-city.

So why does the government fund these programs and projects if they aren’t factually proof? It’s a guide to “help” people eat healthier. At the time of the erection of the MYPyramid, I was in elementary school. I noticed the poster, but the only thing I was waiting for in the lunch line was the popcorn chicken, french fries, and burgers. As a kid you don’t care about health, all you care about is what tastes good.

I don’t think its wrong, I think people just don’t want to follow it, typical American especially. On the MyPlate poster, it does not show fast food. Many families choose fast food over the perfectly designed meal. So in reality, fast food is the “perfect meal”. On the plate and pyramid, it deconstructs a burger and separates it into the food groups. Bun- wheats, lettuce and onion- veggies, tomato- fruit, patty- protein, any condiments-fats/oils. Could a burger be the perfect food?

The MyPyramid, MyPlate, and any other future design to come, they aren’t wrong people just don’t choose to follow it. Healthy food and diet is a really in-depth topic to talk about. We just never know what the “perfect” and “healthy” meal are.