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In a recent article, “Study- Your Fast Food Hamburger May Contain as Little as 2 Percent Actual Meat“, researchers analyzed hamburgers from eight, popular, anonymous fast food restaurants. What they found was extremely disturbing. They discovered that the eight burgers, on average, had a water content of 49 percent. But that isn’t even the worst part.. On average, the burgers had a meat content of 12.1 percent, with a low of 2.1 percent. Let that sink in. 2.1 percent. At one anonymous fast food chain, they are knowingly serving us the consumers burgers that are 97.9 percent something other than meat.

So, what actually is a more significant part of a burger than meat? They found bone, cartilage, adipose tissue, blood vessels, plant material, bacteria, ammonia, and other miscellaneous parts of the cow. The bacteria and ammonia could be potentially dangerous to human health. But anything to make the make the fast food companies’ lives easier, right? A little bacteria and ammonia won’t harm us as long as the meat is cooked at the proper temperature and time. Besides, fast food workers never mess up on these processes.

I think that it’s wrong that fast food companies are doing this to consumers. The consumers have a right to know what is in their food, especially if it may be harmful. When does human health become a priority over making money? Where is the line drawn? When I go to a restaurant, it doesn’t even have to be fast food, I would expect my hamburger to contain mostly meat. I feel like this is a reasonable expectation. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In a perfect world, we would all eat organic meat from happy cows that lived out their lives on small, family farms. Instead, we live in a world where fast food companies use terms like “all-natural” and “100% beef” to make us believe we are getting a quality product. The burger may be 100% beef, but it most likely isn’t from the part of the cow we assume it is.

This makes me think back to the videos we watched that involved the process of slaughtering cows. This process was all about quantity, not quality. The more cows that get slaughtered, the more money you make. Nobody thinks twice about the animal behind those scared eyes. My point is, if all of these cows are just mindlessly being slaughtered one after another constantly, why isn’t their meat at least making its way into our burgers. Just something to think about the next time you are in need of a quick bite to eat. If anything, the chicken must be safe, right?