There has recently been a big spike in demand for organic food across the nation. When one thinks of organic food, they think of fresh, healthy, and nutrient rich food. They picture a vast farmland where the sun is shining, the produce is thriving, and the animals live in a bright red barn. At least, this is the idea the nation is receiving from the government. The question is; is organic food really more beneficial compared to inorganic food? Are Americans being manipulated into buying food at an increased cost just because they were told it was better? The article, http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/organic-food/art-20043880?pg=2, discusses this issue.

One of the biggest reasons that people buy organic is the nutrition value. Seeing that this food is fresh and the government says its pesticide free means it is more nutritious right? Not necessarily. Recent studies that have been conducted over the past 50 years to test this issue. The results show that there is not a significant difference in nutrition value between organic and inorganic products. This is an issue for the population who are spending more money for these products, and think they are receiving more nutrients.

Sometimes organic products are not even 100% organic. For a food to obtain the USDA seal saying that it is organic, it has to past the regulations made by the USDA.  This is a slight issue for people who do not know what these regulations are. What does the USDA consider organic to be? This article states that a product has to be made with 95% organic products to be considered organic. What exactly does organic mean to the USDA? What exactly is 95% of the product? Its not fair for Americans to be buying only mostly organic foods when they believe to be purchasing the real deal. The fight between organic vs. inorganic shows how we are not free with what we eat. Passive consumers need to know exactly what they are eating.This is the only way we as a nation can be free with food. People should know that buying organic products may not be worth spending the extra cash on.