Last Semester our learning community was well-informed that the Snicker’s candy bar was Professor Derek Moyer’s favorite type of candy.  At the beginning of the semester during one of our class sessions Moyer brought in a package of snack size Snicker’s bars which he shared with each and everyone of us. While we devoured this wonderful treat, we shared our thoughts and opinions on the health value of this candy and how we don’t often think about the food we are consuming.  We also pondered on what ingredients are in this widely loved chocolate candy.  When looking at the ingredients list on the back of a traditional wrapper it’s hard to really understand what these random words mean and how good they are for our personal health.

Towards the end of the semester our class started planning for a thinking dinner that we would host on campus.  We decided to be creative and in various ways show what we had accomplished and learned over the past 16 weeks.  One of the games we offered was for each guest to guess how many ingredients are in one full-size Snicker’s bar.  As a prize, the three people with the closest guesses would receive their own Snickers bar, because like the website states; “(there’s) plenty to go around”.

In order to provide accuracy to our guests, we ourselves had to first learn how many ingredients are in each individual Snicker’s Bar.  The easiest way we found to do this was to simply count how many ingredients are on the back of the wrapper.  By doing this we learned that a traditional Snicker’s bar has 17 different ingredients.  However,  a snack size Snicker’s candy which Moyer shared with the class at the beginning of the semester contains 19 ingredients.

Next I looked at the nutrition facts of a snack size Snicker’s bar and I wasn’t very surprised by my findings.  I learned that there are 80 calories and 4 grams of fat in such a small piece of chocolate that most ordinary people can consume in one or two bites.  Finally I decided to review how many Snicker’s bars are sold throughout the world.  Fifteen million Snicker’s chocolate bars are consumed daily in the world, which ultimately adds up to about  5.5 billion per year.