Many of us remember Measure 92 that failed to pass back in fall of 2014 in Oregon. Some of us are saltier about it than others, but it begs the question”Why do they need to be labeled?”.  I am here to answer with “They really don’t need to be labeled at all’.  Nearly all food sold commercially has been genetically modified in one way or another, whether it be by cross breeding plants to shape specified traits, or direct genetic manipulation nearly all the food in your pantry right now has been modified over the years.

In an article posted by the website Popular Science called ‘Core Truths: 10 Common GMO Claims Debunked” the author argues that much of what anti GMO advocates say to poison GMO reputations are false.  Hundreds of scientists have conducted numerous studies on genetically modified organisms and have concluded that they aren’t at all dangerous in the context they are made out to be.  Advocates have convinced consumers that GMOs are bad and few consumers take the time to do in depth research themselves.

Labeling GMOs is a very unrealistic idea, because everything is genetically modified, if consumers wrap their minds around that it would make things much easier. From the corn they eat to the bananas sitting on their shelves it was manipulated by man to become more like the fruit they eat today.  Granted the argument shifts when GMOs are redefined as directly manipulated in a single generation, but it doesn’t shift much as the direct manipulation is biologically rather than chemically induced.  Reinsertion of genes and breeding specific plants with others are the most common technique for genetic modification.

Already some people will read this and disagree with the article and much of the information I have provided.  However, then we can fall back on the argument the choice to buy foods from certain companies is in fact a choice.  If consumers are unsure if certain foods are genetically modified the answer is 9 times out of 10 it is.  If buying from farmers markets is your thing then go that route.  Just remember at one point in history the seeds in his possession were modified.