Knock Knock mo-suckras! Welcome to Food Carts, Farms, and Freddies food blog! Where you can read and learn about food from people who may or may not care about it.

Can you tell which is which?

How many of these “food bloggers” are passionate pioneers of food that are ready to dress up in black and infiltrate factory farms in the moonlit night to expose the horrible sciences that lay inside, and how many are aspiring medical students getting through their required classes by copying and pasting information from actual passionate “food bloggers”. How many are named Joe?

My buddy, Brandon Gaille, looks in and studies food bloggers in his own blog “27 Tasty Food Blogging Tips and Statistics” to help answer some of these questions.

694 food bloggers came together on the February of 2012 to answer a 30 question questionnaire in the “STATE OF FOOD BLOGGING SURVEY” (It really is all caps) and all of it’s greatness. The information collected from the study is truly groundbreaking and revolutionary.

Let’s start with the pros.

Most bloggers (28%) have found food blogging to be a good enough hobby to do for 1-2 years. This is about as long as somebody would partake in dance lessons. “Recipes are by far the favored topic, covered by 89% of food bloggers. Despite intense publicity, few bloggers cover specialized diet products”. The longest bloggers, though few in number (8%), have been food blogging for 6+ years. 88% of these bloggers answered that “Food is their passion”. 0% answered “It’s because I have to for a college class”. It is shown that 83 % of bloggers feel personal satisfaction over their blogs.

There’s not a lot bad vibes to go against this research.

The darkest shade of unenthused Food Blogging I could find is the fact that 75% of food bloggers aren’t making any money. This could be good and bad. The good is that the blogs are based solely on ones passion for food and literature. The bad apple is that people don’t have a money incentive for their work which, if you ask me, creates a lot of “shotty” work. A lot of food bloggers are blogging for ad work as well. (which I guess doesn’t account for making money) There’s some bad connotation with ad-work, In school I learned that it is sleezy and manipulative, and my mom says it’s for the devil.

In conclusion it is safe to say that the blogs you are reading are written by food enthusiasts, who care genuinely about foodstuff and how it affects the world. Feel free to read safely,

Your eyes are in good hands

-Amari Sengsavanh

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