For years now studies have come out saying that eggs are bad and then a few weeks later they say that eggs are great, but which one is it. My personal thought on eggs is that they are one of the best foods you can eat, with perfect elements for building up you body. However there are studies that have come out saying that eggs are to high in dietary cholesterol causing our bodies to raise in bad cholesterol and putting us at higher risk of having heart diseases. A study was done where subjects were given the amount of cholesterol in an egg, so the they could measure the effect on the blood. The study showed that there was a slight increase in the bloods cholesterol with dietary cholesterol. They also found that the effects can be different for everyone because of certain peoples genetics, some people are not as effected by high cholesterol foods as others. Don’t get me wrong not all cholesterol is bad, the body actually needs cholesterol to run the bodies hormone biology smoothly. However, all the cholesterol that the body will ever need is already made inside the body, we don’t need to eat any foods to get cholesterol. The eggs are not the thing that is causing the big problem for the heart in our diet. When we eat eggs in America it is usually paired with some kind of fatty food with very high levels of saturated fat. This is foods like greasy bacon or buttered bread, this pair of foods is what is putting the heart at the most risk for diseases. In a study dealing with people with high cholesterol and at a very high risk of having heart diseases they reduced their intake of saturated fats by only 4 percent, causing their blood cholesterol to plummet drastically. This is all they have on why eggs are bad, to me it doesn’t out weigh the positive side of eggs. The fact that eggs have some of the purest forms of protein in them, helping your body to grow and rebuild. Or the fact that eggs have very clean fats that you body needs on a daily bases. With all the nutrient factors of eggs i’m going to keep eating them on a regular daily bases.