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Have you heard that gum is good for you? Well, it is! The Wrigley Science Institute has researched all the benefits of chewing gum! All the schools that ban gum is doing it all wrong! Researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine did a test of 108 eighth grade students. They were split up into two groups and one group was given gum, while the other group didn’t receive gum. The first group chewed gum while taking a math test and doing math homework. The second group did not chew gum while taking a math test and doing math homework. The final result of this experiment, is that the first group with gum did 3% better than the group without gum. Not only does this help students with tests or homework, but it can also improve a students attention in class.

This tasty and chewy substance is not only good for your education, but it’s a good diet booster! Investigators at Louisiana State University took 115 people and gave half of the people gum to chew before lunch and the other half did not receive gum. The subjects that ate gum before lunch, had less of a craving and intake less calories. This gum chewing is not just a myth!

But to Marion Nestle, PhD., “The only reason to do these studies is to sell more gum.” She could be right about this, but it can’t be denied that gum is beneficial. There are other things that students can do to learn better in school, like eating a well-rounded breakfast before school. Breakfast is a great way to start your mornings, but does breakfast help the wellness of your teeth? The American Dental Associations explains that, “chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes following meals can help prevent tooth decay” The saliva that is produced by gum chewing helps rid bacteria and acids on the teeth.

The chewing of gum is not only in America, but everywhere around the world. Gum is not just beneficial for your bad breath after you left home without brushing your teeth. It’s a bonus for studying, healthy teeth, and improving diets! Chewing gum can save you from eating 140 calories of caramel goodness.