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There is no doubt that our country has a problem with over indulging in food. It’s also no secret that we have a bit of a problem with obesity. Two-thirds of adults in America are either overweight or obese. Researchers have found that the prominent cause of obesity is eating too much, not exercising too less. They also found a correlation between major grocery stores, like Wal-Mart and Costco, moving into an area and a rise in the body mass index of the residents. Coincidence? Possibly. This issue is discussed in more dept in an article by Alan Greenblatt called “Have Big-Box Superstores Helped To Make Us Fat?”

It is unknown if these superstores are one of the many causes of obesity or if they simply attract obese customers. Either way, when we walk into these stores can we resist the temptation to buy a package of 54 Twinkies? I understand that buying in bulk saves money in the long run, but Twinkies aren’t even a real food (but that’s another blog..). Stores shouldn’t even offer this much of such a terrible product for one’s health. Nobody needs this many Twinkies. Stores play mind games with us. They trick us into thinking we can not live without their products. In order to buy bulk, you must buy smart. Only buy the products that you need.

Another problem with buying product from big-box stores is that they alter our perception of proper portion size. Customers walk into Costco, wander into the bakery section, and find a chocolate cake the size of 10 small dogs. Once again, nobody needs this much cake. It’s an unrealistic portion that we believe is normal. It has been proven that when lots of food is available, we eat more than usual. Fruit snacks are my go-to snack. I don’t have a burning desire to eat them; but, when my parents buy a box of 96 from Costco, I just can’t resist. I also eat more than I should in one day. There is nothing in a fruit snack that is positive for my nutrition. So why do I eat so many when they are available? Because they are available. Superstores may or may not be a cause for obesity. I think they definitely are, simply because they sell us food that we do not need.