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Last year in April an article was published by Marie Ellis. Researches found new studies of why we are actually lazy. Being obese or fat is not the reason why we are lazy. We are lazy because of the amount of junk food we consume. Scientists did a study on two groups of rats; one being diet of unprocessed food, and the other diet of processed food. The obvious result is that the rats that consumed processed food will gain more weight and it was true. While the rats that consumed the unprocessed food did not gain a huge amount of weight. The next test was to have a lever for the rats to maneuver to receive water or food. The obese rats took longer breaks in between to maneuver the levers than the lean rats. This proves that junk food does cause laziness.

There was one last test for the rats. The researchers switched the diets of the rats. The obese rats that first received processed food will now be switch to unprocessed food. And the lean rats that started with the unprocessed food will be switched to junk food. Surprisingly, the obese rats still had the same amount of breaks in between maneuvering the lever for food and water. While the lean rats reacted to the lever the same even with the consumption of junk food. Switching the diets of the rats was only for a short period of time. This means that eating junk food for a short time won’t have a huge affect vs. eating junk food for a long time.

In the article, Blaisdell says, “Overweight people often get stigmatized as lazy and lacking discipline. We interpret our results as suggesting that the idea commonly portrayed in the media that people become fat because they are lazy is wrong. Our data suggest that diet-induced obesity is a cause, rather than an effect, of laziness.” The diet of processed food causes laziness and fatigue. And then the laziness causes obesity from the lack of exercise This diet of processed food can cause illnesses and chronic disease. It can be fatal for children to start their life with this type of diet because the poor diet can be their way of eating for the rest of their life. Junk food and fast food has been causing laziness, which result into obesity and other chronic diseases.