When you go to a restaurant do you ever wonder how they choose what their daily specials are? In a recent article “What Do Restaurants Do With Leftover Food?”, it states “…in several cases restaurants will save unused food and repurpose it the next day; this is the origin of many restaurants’ ‘specials.'” When I heard about this I was completely dumbfounded and distraught. Questions arise from this. How long have they been holding on to it? Is it safe to eat? If we think about it, specials aren’t really good or good for you. When it comes to the money specials, aka leftovers, are the way to go.Leftovers aren’t really supposed to be for restaurants, if you want leftovers make something at your house and save it for a couple days.

The nice waitress offers you the steak special. She says “it’s only half off”….well gee i wonder why. Specials tend to be half off because the restaurant is trying to get rid of the food, without throwing the food away or wasting product. My manager where I work gets really mad if this happens. The pizza sauce bin is almost empty he will literally take a spatula and scoop out the almost empty bin, and sometimes its very little that gets scooped out.

Growing up, you could basically say I grew up on specials. My mom didn’t make too much money so it was huge amount of food and leftovers until it was gone. On an episode of Malcolm and the Middle the family would have leftover lasagna once a month. Leftover lasagna is all the food that wasn’t eaten throughout the month and then put into a 9 X 13 pan and cooked. Now think about that when you’re at a restaurant and you see that they have a special soup….yuck!