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When working at the Oregon Food Bank and sorting produce I came across Suja juice and thought I would look into what it was about. I found that Suja was organic and a non-GMO(genetically modified organisms) product.

The ingredients are depend upon the drink, but Suja has Carrot Orange which includes 100% carrot juice, apple, and pineapple. They also have a coconut almond with real honey, cinnamon, and vanilla. They are used in balancing health between vitamins and minerals and essential fruit and vegetable juice.

Not only do they have a product that allows people to  balance their health, but they have 3-6 day cleanses where they provide you with six bottles a day and is said to help people lose wait and get in shape with Suja and a little bit of exercise.

Suja fruit juices also lack dairy, soy, and gluten, with no added sweeteners, and USDA certified. When looking for people comments on how the cleanse effected them many of them on the second day wanted to try it because they already felt better. Every day we should be taking in enough vegetables and fruits to satisfy our bodies needs for nutrition and Suja has the ingredients to do it.

After getting back from the Oregon Food Bank I stopped and got one and it tasted delicious along with tasting the lemon, apple, and cucumber. I would recommend drinking these maybe not necessarily to lose wait, but to try this drink to fulfill what you’re not getting enough of.