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We are blowing through our fish supply in the world, taking out more and more fish every year. In 2005 alone we as people worldwide took out 107 million tones of fish from the sea, the bulk of the fish went to Asia at 70.5 million tons, with 33.6 million to China alone. From 1994 to 2005 our consumption of fish has gone up 15 percent. With all of these health studies coming out saying that fish protein is the best and cleanest type of meat protein, the demand on fish has climbed greatly. This has made us as a race take more out of the sea at a time. Because of the greater demand of fish, it has caused big fishing companies to take all that they can from the sea. With advanced technology for fishing boats, fishermen are able to catch a greater amount of fish in less time, causing fishing companies to overfish. Before this technology fishermen could not reach certain places in the ocean, such as places that were extremely deep and places that were to narrow to direct boats into, such as mating grounds. Also, these days fishing companies have developed massive fishing boats that can capture thousands of fish at a time. These boats also have sonar instruments and global positioning systems that allow them to look under the water and find big schools of fish. After they find the schools the boats lower their nets that are 50 meters wide and strong enough to pull a plane, and the net swallows up a whole school of fish in a matter of minutes. The amount of fish that was caught this past year 2014 was 124 million metric tons, this is the same weight as 378 Empire State buildings. Overfishing has a huge effect on the ocean and the creatures that live there. The fish are being captured faster than they can reproduce more fish. This has caused many species of sea creatures to become extinct or endangered. Overfishing also effects the seas food chain by taking away the prey of the predators, such as sharks, dolphins and seals. As you can see the effects of us overfishing are great, we need to slow down on the fish and let their numbers build again