Who doesn’t love a warm, gooey, homemade cookie? Rather than relying on Sodexo to provide you with the same cookies day after day for the whole school year, the College Activities Board (CAB) is hosting a cookie bake off! The bake off will take place on Thursday, March 19 at 12 pm in the school’s cafeteria.  While sign-ups are closed on campus as of today, you can still sign up by contacting Elizabeth Dominguez at edominquez@warnerpacific.edu.

Last semester CAB hosted a pie bake off where about a dozen students participated in baking there favorite pies.  This semester, the bake off will have a few different rules.  Instead of bringing all your ingredients to the cafeteria on campus, you will bake the cookies before the bake off begins and will bring in your freshly baked cookies to share with both new and old friends.  Also for the first time in bake off history at Warner, instead of baking as an individual, students may participate in groups of two or three.

If you are too busy next week to bake a batch of cookies or are the worst baker ever, don’t worry! The cookie bake off needs judges and spectators as well.  Come join CAB and the many bakers in the cafeteria next Wednesday for some great cookie fun, everyone is welcome!