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As many people may know, or may not know, Costco, America’s second largest retail chain, has finally decided on going antibiotic free from their meat. As Craig Wilson, retailers vice-president of food safety has mentioned, “I mean, you’ve got to protect human health beyond everything, and so we think eliminating shared-use antibiotics is the right way to go.” In recent, Nestle and Hershey also announced that they would be moving away from artificial flavoring and ingredients from their candies. A few days later McDonalds, the largest retailer in the country, stated that they would phase antibiotics that are vital to human medicine from their poultry supply chain. This should be the next step to having better foods for people, especially when millions of people eat foods from McDonalds, Costco, and candies from Nestle and Hershey. As was stated in takepart article, Costco sells about 80 million rotisserie chickens yearly, and imagine those chickens being antibiotic free this time. Yet, these companies haven’t discussed when the change is going to happen, but this will make a change in the U.S health care system and with the Food and Drug Administration.

Having no antibiotics in their meat will knock out any unwanted bacteria that the body can’t be resist to, but of course this will also leave room for other bacteria which are by some quirk in their genetics protected from the effect of the antibiotics. The reason why going antibiotic free is good is because there are young children and older adults where their bodies reject the antibiotics, a resistance in their body you may say. As a report was mentioned from the World Health Organization, “…a doctor could usually wipe away almost any infection simply by applying pen to prescription pad, we now stand at the brink of a post-antibiotic era.” This could mean an end to modern medicine as we know it. Having antibiotics in meat has given a significant factor in the doubling of meat consumption at a low cost, but at the same time incidence of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, certain cancers, and obesity has spiked over the years. This shows the scientific evidence about the public health risks of antibiotic use in meat production has finally become more precise. What do you think would be the best solution?