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In this article, Damon Gameau experiments a diet for 60 days. He only consumed food that is “healthy” and low-fat with high sugar. This diet is more normal than you think because Damon is eating food that children eat daily. He ate low-fat yogurts, bars, cereals, fruit juices, sports drinks, and jelly sandwiches. He did not eat sodas, chocolate, ice cream, or anything with “unhealthy” high sugar. He ate all the “right” things that a normal child would pack for lunch and eat. In less than a month, his health was in danger and he was moody. In a short amount of time he became unhealthy and started to grow four inches around his waist. He consumed 40 teaspoons of sugar daily, which is only a little more than an average teenager consumes daily. But it is recommended that women should consume 6 teaspoons and 9 teaspoons for men. All the sugar that Gameau was eating was not enough, and he was still hungry after eating. This importantly affects parents because they are the ones buying the foot and packing the lunches. Parents should be more aware of what they are feeding their children, for their healthy and safety. They can do that by reading the nutrition facts, the ingredients, and to avoid buying processed foods. There are 29.1 million Americans that are diagnosed with diabetes, and the numbers will only increase with all the unhealthy food that we are eating. The extra sugar that we are eating can cause a risk of cardiovascular disease. This is the most common cause of death for Americans, one in four deaths is caused by this disease. What can you do to better your health? And your future children?