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The buffet is a great place to go when you can’t choose what to eat. It’s a great outing with friends, families, or sometimes alone. But are the prices fair for what you’re getting? In this article, three researchers did a study on if the price affects the taste of the food. There was 11 percent of people that say the pizza was better tasting when priced at $8 dollars at the all you can eat buffet. The people who only paid $4 for all you can eat buffet said that the pizza was tasteless. This is something like the placebo effect. People think that if they pay more, then the more enjoyable a meal will be. At buffets or traditional restaurants they need to make more money than they are putting in. Buffets don’t require as much staff as traditional restaurants, which means that the buffet will always get more money than they use. Yet, the all you can eat buffets have gone through bankruptcy due to so much waste food. But, the past 7 years they have been successful. They have planned out the most efficient ways to lower their waste of food to save money. The amount of food that is not consumed will be a huge setback for all you can eat buffets. It’s a win-win situation for hungry people and the all you can eat buffets. The food is reasonably “what you pay for”.