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Did you ever sit down and really think about what you are actually eating? I had an orange this morning, or what I thought was an orange. But what if my orange was genetically modified? Is it still considered a healthy, and nutritious fruit?
The first time I ever heard about GMO was in high school. My first question was “Teacher, what does GMO stand for?”. Most likely you already know what GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Basically scientists play around with any plants, or animal DNA and modify it. If pigs on factory farms take a long time to grow, and aren’t as fat as needed, the scientist could play around with the DNA, and add things to make the pig grow faster, and fatter. Cool, right? No! The problem with GMO is that in the long run it could have a negative effect on us? People might catch deceases that come from genetically modified organism.
The fact is that we do not know enough about DNA and GMO, just yet. Instead of bettering the process of growing food, we might be harmed in the process. These GMO productions are not forced to put labels on their foods, so the apple you ate this soaring mights have been messed on, and you will never know about it. Everyday people eat food, and do not know how it was actually produced. Unless it was grown in your own garden, we will never be sure about anything.
This video explains a little bit more on weather GMO foods are dangerous. It’s very interesting, and crazy that there are hundreds of food that probably contain GMO, and we will never know. This video makes me think “Is their anything I could do about it?”. There are places around the world that people stood up, and said “No we do not support GMO”, and the government had to listen. But here in the United States we are not educated enough about it, and most people don’t even know that their food might not be 100% natural. I am sure my parents never even heard of GMO, and don’t think it is even possible to change DNA in plants, and Animals. I think we in the United States need to be educated about GMO, and take the time to learn hat we actually put in our bodies.