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Something we all crave most!? Ice cream. But after eating ice cream there is this huge guilt that lives over us, haunting us about all the calories and unhealthy ingredients we just put in our body. So why not change it up and add a little healthy ice cream to our diets. Vegan ice cream is obviously vegan, but it’s also dairy free and gluten free for those who are lactose or allergic to gluten.

To top it off, you can make it in the convenience of your own home. I know how lazy we can get sometimes. And the vegan ingredients are not just casual items that you would have stored in your pantry, but why not be a little adventurous today and get yourself ready and go down to the local grocery store and pick up a few items to get that vegan ice-cream going. You would of had to get ready anyways to go and get ice-cream from an ice-cream shop.

I personally have not tried this vegan ice-cream recipe but I am a huge fan of being healthy and fit so I would be very open to this idea. It may not be as great as regular ice-cream but just imagine how amazing your body would feel after eating it, you won’t have that usual sluggish feeling after eating ice cream and you are not putting a whole lot of unhealthy sugars in your body. Also, if you are high on baking or creating new foods, this is such a different and interesting thing to make. The best part about making vegan ice-cream at home is that you could add your own little spice to it. When I go to ice cream shops I always want to create my own flavor, I want something other than vanilla or chocolate! I want peach or creme brûlée or peach and creme brûlée combined. So why not do it at home? Create something unique and add your own little touch to it. So try it out and hopefully it tastes as amazing as i’m picturing it right now.

Be healthy, Be strong, Vegan ice cream won’t let you down!