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When you look for food at the grocery store, what is the one thing that sets you back from making a purchase? Is it the quality of the food or maybe it’s the time and preparation needed in order to be able to eat it? Most of the time, it is the price of the item.

In our current society, it is more expensive to buy healthy food than fast food or junk food. If we take a look at store prices for fruit and vegetables and compare them to a bag of chips, donuts, or cookies, one will come to realize that they are spending more on a container of fruit than on a bag of chips. There is an additional cost to trying to partake in a healthy diet. While it only seems that $1.50 per day is not much to eat healthy, over time that additional cost adds up.

The rise in cost for healthy food is due to many factors. Some of these contributors are labor, transportation costs, in-season products, and importing foods. These factors are then barriers for us as consumers. In our economy, not everyone has access to buying fresh, healthy food. That is when fast food and other unhealthy foods are bought.  The lower prices of unhealthy food are more attractive to the consumer because it allows one to save money rather than spend more.

This problem of higher cost for healthy eating raises a question as to why we eat what we eat. In the last semester we engaged in a food log assignment that allowed us to see what we were eating throughout the week. We came back as a class to discuss the food items that were listed in our food logs and we discussed why it was that we ate those meals specifically. One of the main answers was because it was the most convenient option available for us. In our current life position as college students, we are always on the go. It is easier to buy a food item from the tabor grind or go to a fast food restaurant than going to the supermarket, getting fresh, healthy food, and making a meal. In addition to convenience, cost is a big factor when thinking about eating. We might try to be healthy with the food that we eat, but the price of the food sets us back. Families who are already struggling financially, that $1.50 a day adds up.