Alot of people have read, or viewed pictures of chicken nuggets before they become, chicken nuggets. Its that pink paste looking goo that alot of those who graduated highschool after 2010 saw in their health class as an national campaign to start healthy eating.  A video went viral on youtube and it certainly made me change my perceptive about McDonalds.

So around the late 2014 McDonalds tried to gain their reputation back. They started a campain to reveal what their chicken products are really made out of. They made a slogan “Our Food. Your Questions.” They take you on a tour of the plant ( Tyson Foods) where the meat for the nuggets is processed with a hired investigator by the name of Grant Imahara. He is famously recognized from his work on the MythBusters show. Their were no pink goo found but the factory presented a all-white meat ground chicken that has chicken tenderloin, rib meat, and  breast. Can we believe McDonald’s? Their is no doubt that every food company is going to try to tell you their food is real, because they can’t afford to admit their food is actually really unhealthy if that were to be the case.