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It’s bulking season!

As a wrestler I know all about cutting weight and killing yourself to try and make weight but also trying to do it in a healthy way and all that good stuff… But now that season is over, it’s time to make some GAINZ!

This video here is not about a wrestler, but about a man who does cross fit. Crazy I know, but here he presents what’s called a “Gainz bowl”. You don’t have to watch the whole video but around 8:40 is where it gets good. A gainz bowl is a bowl of the most amazing ice cream in the world (Ben and Jerry’s) topped with a lot of whole milk because whats better than calories on top of calories. You can pick any ice cream of your choice and the best part is that you are recommended to pick the flavor with the MOST calories to get the full effect of the gainz bowl. So you can take in all those calories but because you just finished a workout, your body is still working and burning off everything you are putting in to your body. It’s pretty magical if you ask me.

Many people always tell me that ice cream is bad for you and it will make me fat with all the sugar but actually the sugars in ice cream help promote muscle building and prevent protein break down because of its powerful insulin spike. But ice-cream is only beneficial two hours after your workout. Also ice-cream is very beneficial even without the work out because it provides vitamins, protein and calcium. So ice cream is obviously an all around great treat to have just not 24/7.

In our learning community we talked about how we judge people so quickly and I know this may sound silly but I feel like ice-cream as well gets judged so quickly just because at a young age we were taught not to eat so much ice cream because it’s unhealthy or our parents wouldn’t let us eat a lot of ice cream before bed because the sugar would make us hyper but if you really look up the benefits of ice cream, there are actually a lot. And i know that there are some down falls with eating ice cream and I’m not trying to say that you should eat it all the time but if you work out, a bowl every now and then really wouldn’t hurt you. You just need to know when is too much.

Have a bowl of ice cream after your work out because you deserve it.