`Now I am not talking about the whisper to your friend for answer seven type cheating, I am talking about the good kind of cheating the one that benefits you in more ways than one. The one most trainers or athletes would call a “cheat day.” A day commonly known as a day where you can and are most likely to eat whatever your heart desires. Wouldn’t that deflate the purpose of eating healthy? Ah my friends that where your wrong.
There are multiple reasons why athletes and trainers have these cheat days. These days are more beneficial than the actual dieting and training itself. Psychologically if you are on a strict diet and are not supposed to eat this or that, chances are you are feeling a little sluggish during work outs or are having craving a lot more than natural. A main reason for this energy drop could be because of your low muscle glycogen levels. When we lose these levels our bodies decides that it is in starvation mode and lowers the amount of energy we use until the next time it is provided. Often this is because your current meal regulations have subtracted a lot of the calories and carbohydrates that provide this glycogen that our bodies need to function at peak performance. Thus why our cheat meals are needed. They provide the extra calories and carbs in our system to replenish the levels we need to be back to our “A-Game” without completely trashing a diet.
It is important that we don’t take these cheat meals out of hand. Don’t eat so much to the point of illness or one starts to daydream of the next cheat meal even though sometimes it is tempting. Rather only eat a regular portion, but without restrictions. These days will be more beneficial than depressing yourself with pictures of double stuffed fried Oreos smothered in scoops of vanilla ice cream, that is drizzled with hot fudge…..yeah.