The article “It’s time to get serious about reducing food waste, Feds say“, written by Allison Aubrey, we learn the risks of the american food wasting norms.  “Americans throw away one third of its available food”, says Aubrey, and the word is getting around. Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack says that “133 billion pounds of food is wasted per year”, an indescribable amount. Vilsack explains how everyone in america who eats food is responsible for the waste issues. The amazing thing about life is you can change the future. So if americans change their ways the outcome of wasting food can change.

The first ever “national target for food waste” has been created by the US department of agriculture and environmental protection. The plan is to cut the wasting of food in the us by half by the year of 2030.  America wastes enough food to fill the Sears tower 44 times. The US department of agriculture wants to make that only 22 full Sears towers. Realistically that can be achieved if “national target” becomes national and actually brought into the people’s lives.

Consumers allow a lot of food to go to waste just when it sits in the fridge. When we see that the “sell-by-date” has expired, instead of checking to see if it could still be used, it is thrown straight out, even though most foods are still safe to eat after the dates. Farms are also in blame of this, if the food doesn’t meet “cosmetic” standards it is thrown out just the same. Lastly during the shipping process foods can expire, to a consumer standard, and is thrown out as soon as it gets to the stores. All of this waste in America isn’t just wasteful but it also is a huge contributor to methane and potent greenhouse gases that fuel climate change, unnatural climate change. Yet it doesn’t stop there, restaurants and grocery stores contribute to the waste problem also.

Amazingly the FDA is working with grocery stores to help them donate the food that will be thrown out shortly in order to help the less fortunate and have food be consumed instead of wasted. Also restaurants are working with advanced technologies to figure out plans to help them cut their wasting. Yet for the 50 percent of waste to be cut congress needs to be involved. Laws need to be passed for the individual, restaurants, grocery stores, and farms in order to cut waste. Much like the issue of littering, the issue of waste needs to be dealt with in the same way. By having classes teach children the harsh truth of waste they will, theoretically, go home and teach their parents the same. Basically america needs to start a “public educational campaign” to inform the public of the issue waste is. How waste is causing climate change and filling landfills. How just a few days after the sell by date can save gigantic amounts of food from being wasted. This process may be slow but history has shown that it works, and for America to change they have to work for it.