Six months ago anyone between the ages of 13-35 knew about Chipotle but until a recent http://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/01/cdc-declares-chipotle-linked-e-coli-outbreak-over.html of E. coli Chipotle has become more known to all ages. There were two outbreaks that affected Americans the first outbreak being much larger than the second happened in 11 states and sent 21 to the hospital. For most companies this would be the end of them, but this wasn’t the case for Chipotle. With a surprising loyal fan base the company came back from this, to then have another outbreak. This outbreak being much smaller,was still was taken very seriously, and sent only one to the hospital. “In the first outbreak 55 people were infected by the foodborne illness in 11 states, of which 21 were hospitalized. The second, smaller outbreak, infected five people from three states, of which one was hospitalized.” (CNBC) Why is this company still so popular considering there have been two outbreaks in the past two months. Could it be they’ve created an addictive burrito? There isn’t any true answer to this question, personally it is what the company stands for and what they have done since the outbreaks. They were extremely honest, and open when the outbreak started. They took the necessary steps to earn the respect after such a scare, closing all stores nationwide and hosting a company meeting to make sure that this never happens again is a great first step. “We are hosting a national team meeting to thank our employees for their hard work through this difficult time, discuss some of the food safety changes we are implementing, and answer questions from employees,” (CNBC) To earn back the trust from there customers they did something that many companies wouldn’t, they took the lose and admitted to their problem. This explains why they have such a loyal fan base that hasn’t been affected much by the breakouts. “What our research tells us is that Chipotle has a strong loyal base from which to build its business back up relatively quickly,” (CNBC) While E. coli is something that should be taken very seriously and often times can destroy a company, Chipotle is still doing completely fine. This just proves that even if a company has an issue as serious as an E. coli outbreak taking the necessary steps to change the company and earn back the trust of your customers. Chipotle has always been a leader for customer service and having an open communication between the company and its customers.