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We all have opinions. We say what we want in order to exercise our rights. The problem is that we all don’t have the credentials to back up our arguments. In our time the popular argument is what belongs on our food, and what does not. Blogger Vani Hari, also known as The Food Babe shares her passion on exposing ingredients we shouldn’t put in our body. Hari, with the help of her blog followers have had numerous successful online petitions to persuade food industries to get rid of their ingredients that they don’t feel are acceptable.

What does Vani Hari do for a living that gives her the right credentials? Or what background does she have? The problem is she doesn’t have any, nor does she work with chemicals. According, to the Oregonian Hari doesn’t have any scientific background. So she shouldn’t have any allegations on what ingredients are actually bad, According to Dr. Steven novella. He goes on by mocking Hari by saying “She will target some benign ingredient that has a scary sounding name. Her criteria is if she can’t pronounce it then it’s scary.” His argument is before we go on rants and start making petitions, especially on the internet, since it on the internet it goes all over the world.

Before we go on rants online we should do our research on the ingredients. Or may be no bash ingredients, instead we should have discussion on what the ingredient is. Often when we want to speak our mind on somethings we don’t agree, we seem to come of mad and aggressive. Instead, we should just take a breath and speak as a conversion and maybe ask the industries to explain their ingredients. Then, if they lie than we can hit them with the research we conducted. It is a much smoother approach.