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I am a little asian girl, Japanese to be specific. And as a little asian girl, I get curious as to what kind of unique foods are made in Japan. One of the most unique foods that I have found but not have tried yet is something called “Shirako”. My dad has always told me to not judge food by what it looks like but I’m not too sure about this one….


This piece of food seriously looks like a brain. But what is it exactly? This is where it gets even more weird. This is actually the sperm sac of the fish and a very popular bar snack in Japan. It can be served hot or cold and the name literally means “white children”. Yes! Because people want to eat something that is referred to white children. The crazy thing is that people actually eat this. I think this will be a dish I will have to pass on. Just the thought of it is a little awkward but I feel that if i don’t try it then I could be missing out on something so amazing, but at the same time I could probably survive without tasting this specific dish.

I think if someone were to feed this to me and not tell me what it is then I would eat it and I could have a real taste test of it because knowing that I’m eating it will probably just make me not like it because I am judging it before I actually put it in my mouth.

As discussed in class we judge people or objects before we actually get to know more about them. I feel that this is just a typical reaction from any human being. We were born to judge so quickly, even if maybe we really don’t mean to. A person could walk by and we could automatically judge them by their clothes or ethnicity and things like that. I feel that maybe I am judging this dish before I even tried it so if I ever come across the chance to taste this dish, I will take it. I may like it and I may not like it but at least I’m giving it a chance, and you should too!