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Bailey Thomason

March 17th, 2016

En – 200

Professor Moyer

Why So Sick?

Today in the world we live in things are done so quickly that often times we can make mistakes, sadly those mistakes can cause a lot of pain to many Americans. In food this has become a serious problem, often times many Americans get sick and can even die. This causes a lot of issues not only with people being ill but expensive due to hospital visits, and lost wages. “More than 9,000 people die. The cost in lost wages, insurance claims and medical bills amounts to between $7.7 and $23 billion a year.” (URI) So much money is being lost, and this can simply be because someone’s meal wasn’t prepared properly. People need to have a better understanding of how foodborne illness is spread and what steps need to be taken to prevent it from happening. “Family and Consumer Sciences labs and classes provide a unique forum for students to develop an understanding of food safety principles and their application.” (URI) These are steps that need to be taken in order to assure peoples safety, cooking food is something that should be cherished and enjoyed, we shouldn’t be worried about if our food will make us sick.

Foodborne illness has recently become more of a problem recently due to many reasons, “Increasing numbers of persons who are immunosuppressed which includes people who are HIV positive, undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants and those individuals with long term chronic illnesses.” (URI) We live in a world where food is a culture and many people have so much behind food it is what creates who we are. Yet it can be so dangerous to us, created wrong and food can be very deadly. We need to take better steps to preparing our food, often times people don’t have a good understanding of how food should be prepared. This can create a lot of problems because it can be hard to break bad habits and start new ones, if we can take these steps to create a better and more understandable way to prepare food illness will be cut dramatically. This is a great way to begin to make a change but more steps will have to be taken if we want to completely rid the world of foodborne illness.