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Gregory Rhymes is a 15-year-old boy who ate McDonald’s everyday. He now is 400 pounds with diabetes and he blames McDonald’s! His mother claims that she had no idea that eating FAST FOOD everyday would cause a health problem.

I had just watched Super Size Me and thought I would look up articles of people having problems from eating McDonald’s. The crazy thing that I found is that people are actually blaming McDonald’s for their hefty bodies and health problems. The only problem I see here is bad parenting. People who are trying to sue McDonalds because of their child’s weight gain is silly because parents are the ones that drove their child there and paid for their meal. McDonalds didn’t force you to eat there.

I get it. McDonalds tastes so amazing and the best part is that they are fast and convenient for those parents who are just to busy to cook but think about how your child is being affected by this. You are putting your child in risk of health problems and obesity. McDonalds should be more like a treat that you let your child have every so often but everyday is really pushing it.

One day after practice, my mom and I went to McDonalds because we were craving it and we were standing in line because the drive through was way to long, and we saw this little fat kid in front of us with his mom. At first I was like “aww look at this cute chubby boy” thinking that it was probably just baby fat and he will grow out of it. But then he started to fuss because his mom wouldn’t let him get what he usually orders I guess and the mom said “No, Carter you ate here five times this week already”. Oh My Gosh! why is this little boy even here! This little boy didn’t have baby fat, he was just fat. Parents are letting their kids get so addicted to fast food that soon that is all they ever crave and parents don’t realize it because they are too busy working and fast food is easy and fast.

So who really is too blame…

McDonald’s or just bad parenting?