Can food really help put you in a better mood? Also can what you eat decide if you are in a bad mood to or no? Food is a common source of where happiness comes from. “Basically the science of food’s effect on mood is based on this: Dietary changes can bring about changes in our brain structure (chemically and physiologically), which can lead to altered behavior.” Says Medical doctor, Elaine Magee.

So we have the question, is it good to change your eating habits to improve you mood? It is possible depending on the person. If you are someone who enjoys seeing weight loss or gains results than these changes in eating habits might be worthy for you. Other ways that this would be possible is if it would be someone’s favorite food. Rebutting doctor Magee’s statement of changing habits are not always true. Every one person will act differently.

What are ways you could become happier through food? A few ways are just by being more aware of your eating habits choosing your meals more wisely. Chose foods that have value to you both personally and factually. Foods that have a healthier value tend to boost morale and energy throughout a normal day.

This energy and morale boost will allow you to not be so sluggish at the end of a work day. Your body takes the nutrients that it needs from the food and uses them as the energy. We must be aware that over indulging in our food consumption can be hazardous no matter how healthy because there is a point where our body has too much of a supplement and will store or get rid of it. That is where eating serves as no value.

So to answer the question if food can actually improve the quality of someone’s mood through food. Yes this is possible for anyone because there are ways that food helps your body that are in ways that don’t get shown. Such as how your body uses the nutrients. That is a eternal action not a external. So for all you grumpy, goobers out there go get you some food in your stomach and settle down.