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Red Meat, Your Mouth Enjoys it More than Your Body.

In the article, Who’s Right: Is Meat Good or Bad for You? Posted in Reader’s Digest, we learn the risks of the “American Diet.” Which include, for example, “burgers, steaks, and hotdogs”, which were some of the red meats that a study at Harvard used to test 121,000 people over 28 years. The research found that people are 13% more likely to die from heart disease or cancer after eating 3 ounces of red meat a day before the study even ended. Which to some might not be as mind boggling as it illustrates. Yet what is means is In 28 years from eating the small amount of 3 oz of red meat a day, there is a 13% chance of you dying before the 28th year. To be more specific, eating some bacon everyday raised the risk of early death by 20%. The post then warns that the “saturated fat and cholesterol” are only a small part of the risk that comes with eating red meat daily. The other risks include overloads of iron that can “threaten the hearts of meat eaters” as well as the sodium and nitrates used in processed meats.


“But wait…” the blog takes the other side as well and describes that americans who eat “lean” meats regularly gain more protein, zinc, potassium, and vitamin B than people who don’t eat meat at all. Which seems very obvious. Now “lean” meats account for 15% of the nation’s protein and only four percent of the nation’s fat. Which it is easy to see why that may be an attractive figure to the people trying to set up their next life meal plan. One thing to take note in is that many people educated on this subject agree that lean meats are healthy, ““Lean meat is a healthy thing,” says Carol O’Neil, PhD, a coauthor of both reports and a professor of human nutrition and food at Louisiana State University.”


Now the article takes an informative side, they explain that having a “small” amount of lean meats in your diet will give you more advantages than having processed red meats in your diet.Yet they want you to make sure you don’t forget your “fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to round things out, so enjoying a steak isn’t a high-stakes gamble.” Which is basically explaining the golden rule of eating. Eat everything in modesty and it will never be unhealthy. Easy to understand, but for sure the hardest thing to do.