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Wasting food is much more serious than we think. Most people do it routinely without knowing the negative action it has. When you throw away extra food you waste money. Tons and tons of money. If we were to calculate in dollar wise how much we waste, it adds up to about 1 trillion US dollars. That is environmentally, morally, and economically outrageous.

Imagine the things we can do with that amount of money! We could use some of those funds to feed the hungry or fund a charity. Hunger is a huge issue, not just in our society but in worldwide scale as well. So while we are just scraping our extra food our plates and unto a trash, others are starving. Wishing they could at least have our left overs.

That is insane and immorally wrong. We throw so much food, which can feed millions of people. We don’t always want to donate money to charities, which can be understanding at times. But if you are not willing to donate money, you can at least moderate how much food you waste.  We must think beyond ourselves. We must think on a larger scale.

We should minimize the amount of food we waste on a daily bases. So if we have extra food left over we can donate some of that to the needy. This a good practice to do, not only would you be helping others, but you will be helping yourself. You save money, reduce waste on the planet, and help a struggling person. It is a win, win situation.

Next time you go grocery shopping make sure you only buy what you will be eating. If you go to a restaurant, bring your left overs home, so it isn’t thrown away. Be conscious on the amount of food you place on your plate. Lastly, before you throw away your food, ask yourself would I rather throw this food to the trash or be more conscious of my food waste, and donate if there extra food to food banks.